Dear colleagues!

The time of our long-awaited traditional meeting is approaching!

On September 24, 2020 in Moscow, a scientific-practical conference will be held.

We will be sincerely glad to meet you once again.

The event will take place in Golden Ring Hotel, metro Smolenskaya, Moscow, Smolenskaya street,5.


You can also register by e-mail, sending a completed application form to conmet@conmet.ru

Participation for CONMET clients is free of charge.

The conference coordinator is Morozova Nadezhda +7(495) 234-91-13


Main Session

– Aspects of complications in dental implantation;New prosthetics;
– Full rehabilitation of patients with total post-resection jaw defects on dental implants manufactured by "CONMET";
– Subperiosteal implantation: analysis of first failures;
– Detachable abutments. Clinical case;
– The principles of designing devices with the support on orthodontic implants: palatal support structures;
- Benefits of using 5-axis machining centers in dentistry;
- Dental implantation in extreme circumstances;
- Bone grafting. Titanium mesh plate;
- Graft preparation method for osteoplastic interventions;
- The use of zygomatic implants in rehabilitation after maxilla atrophy;
- Clinical case of horizontal splitting of the ridge;
- Osteosynthesis in orthognathic and plastic surgery. New trends;
- Total arthroplasty of the temporomandibular joint;
- Bone augmentation in dental implantation.

Master Classes

- Application of customized meshes for bone grafting.

- Orthognatic surgery planning.

Registration for master classes is made by phone. Number of seats is limited.
The coordinator of the master classes is Svetlana Gibizova +7(495) 234-91-13